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About me

About me

Antoniel Pavliš

Antoniel Pavliš


Antoniel Pavliš

My Story

Bruno Barbey once said, "Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world". I too believe that photography is a universal language.  It is not only a visual art but a way to capture the emotion of a certain blip in time.  Photographs have a unique way of driving people to relive parts of their life's journey.  Through them, one can remember those once in a lifetime moments.

I started my journey ten years ago when a local photography studio hired me simply for my computer skills. Slowly I began learning all of the intricate parts of what makes photography so special to me.  I quickly was drawn into the world of photography in a way I never expected. The first wedding I photographed was shot with an old film camera back in 2007.  Fast forward ten years and over 150 weddings later, I have never stopped learning and enjoying what I do. I've completed an online photography course by MoMA (Museum of modern arts New York) and I am currently enrolled in specialization in photography by MSU (Michigan state university). I still have the same passion for photography as I did in the beginning and I am continuously striving to improve my photography skills.

During the past few years, I have gotten the amazing opportunity to travel the world and take photos.  I realized that there are a beauty and sense of wonder to be captured everywhere.  Each place and each person have their unique story. Every time I photograph, I attempt to capture the emotions of that moment.

Although my primary focus has been wedding photography, I have experience with birthday parties, baptisms, events, nightclubs, sports, models, and landscapes.  Photographing weddings has allowed me a glimpse into people's lives.  Some stories brought me to tears; some stories made me laugh. I always enjoy the stories, and I consider myself lucky to be given the opportunity to capture them.

My passion is to capture those moments for you. What is your story?


Projects completed on time:98%

Projects completed within 2 weeks:75%

Projects completed within 3 weeks:25%

Wedding photography:70%

Portrait photography:15%

Commercial photography:15%


  • Featured in the Instagramers gallery in Miami
  • X Red Bull international photography competition winner
  • Nokia UK photo of the month winner
  • Official Microsoft Instagram "takeover"contributor
  • Nokia international photography competition winner
  • Official Microsoft blog contributor for photography tips
  • Featured contributor for multiple official accounts on Instagram



Other projects






  • Studio and on location photographer- 7 years
  • Photography agency nightlife and event photographer - 1 year
  • Pickit (Microsoft office presentation photo provider) contributor - 2 years
  • Freelancing and photography studio main photographer - 2 years

Let me capture your story.

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